v     August 5th  (Wednesday)

      Ss. Peter and Paul Blood Drive – 3:00-7:00 pm.

v     August 10th (Monday)

            Free Bowling for KC Members and Families at Riverboat Lanes from 7:00-10:00 pm.

v     August 13th, September 10th, October 8th (Thursdays)

            Council 460 monthly meetings – 7:30 pm.

v     August 15th (Saturday)

            ‘Plain Label Band’  – Entertaining in our hall starting at 7:30 pm.

v     August 17th (Monday)

            Volunteer Appreciation Night – 6:30-830 p.m.

v     August 25tth , September 29th, November 10th (Tuesdays)

            Quarterback Club banquets and chicken buffet dinners – open to the public – 6:00 pm.

            Call Bill Keller at 462-9059 for reservations or tickets are also available at the door.  (Season Ticket $30, Individual Dinner $15)

v     September 14th (Monday)

            First night for Knights of Columbus Bowling League at Riverboat Lanes. - 6:30 pm.

v     September 18th and 19th (Friday and Saturday)

            Tootsie Roll Drive weekend. Please call Neil Godar at 604-4056 and volunteer your help.

v     September 20th (Sunday)

            KC day at the ballpark (Cards vs Cubs) – Game time 1:15, bus leaves KCs at 11:30 am.

            Call 465-6913 for reservations. Last day for reservations is August 31st.

v     September 26th (Saturday)

      Marquette High School Homecoming Block Party - 7:00 p.m.    

v     September 26th(Saturday)

            Fourth Degree Fall Golf Classic at Alton Municipal Golf Course – for reservations call   Mark Droste at 466-7898.